Meet the key people at Assembly

Wednesday, 02 May 2012


President: Andrew Dutney


andrew-dutneyThe Reverend Professor Andrew Dutney begins his presidency of the Uniting Church in Australia on the first day of the 13th Assembly.

Rev. Dutney is Principal of Adelaide’s Uniting College for Leadership and Theology and Associate Professor of Theology at Flinders University. He’s a well-known media commentator on ethics and spirituality and is widely published on theology and ethics.

“My aim as President is to nurture the joy and energy of our Uniting Church congregations and champion the wonderful work of our Ministry,” says the Reverend Professor.

“The local church is the hope of the world. It is a sign, foretaste and instrument of reconciliation and renewal for the whole creation. It is a beachhead of the kingdom of God.”

Rev. Dutney is also a leading interpreter of the history and theology of the Uniting Church, and is renowned for his passion for the Uniting Church’s founding document, the Basis of Union.


General Secretary: Terence Corkin


TerrenceBorn in England in 1956, Terence came to Australia at the age of two and grew up in Sydney. Terence studied Arts and Law as well as his course in Theology in preparation for ordination. Terence became connected to the Christian Church in his high school years. Making his links with the Church in this way has made him very sensitive to the ways in which congregational life can help and hinder people connecting with the church, and coming to faith. After ordination Terence served as a Minister in rural NSW for twenty years - twice in congregational ministry and finally as a Presbytery Minister.

His rural experience has provided him with a strong conviction about the place of the local congregation, in particular the life of its members, in the proclamation of the gospel. The local congregation is pivotal in Terence's understanding of the mission of the Church.

Apart from ministry within the life of the church Terence has always seen it as essential to express his discipleship in the life of the community. He advocates that the Gospel is about the renewal of the whole of creation and that Christians should strive to give expression to this renewal in the world today. Exercising ministry as Assembly General Secretary enables Terence to support the church in a very broad way.

His main hopes for his time as General Secretary are to strengthen the sense of common purpose across all parts of the church's life; and to help the Uniting Church to understand what it means to live the radical model of a church of inter related councils.


Cato Lecturer: PROF. Kirsteen Kim


Kirsteen-KimProf. Kirsteen Kim has lived and worked in Korea, India and the UK, where she was responsible for a program in mission and world Christianity in Selly Oak, Birmingham.  She is Associate Senior Lecturer in Theology at Leeds Trinity and All Saints.  She was Research Coordinator for Edinburgh 2010.  She was the chairperson of the British and Irish Association for Mission Studies, and is Vice Moderator of the Commission for World Mission and Evangelism of the WCC.  Among her several publications are The Holy Spirit in the World: A Global Conversation (London and Maryknoll, New York: SPCK and Orbis Books, 2007) and Joining in With the Spirit: Connecting World Church and Local Mission (London: Epworth Press, 2009).  She is a leading missiologist and mission educator.


Bible Studies: Rev Luna Dingayan

a Minister of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines


Luna-DingayanLuna Dingyan is a minister and key leader of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines.  He is the President of the Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Baguio, the Philippines.  ETS is a UCCP college, but is established with an ecumenical mandate and provides training and resources for several Christian denominations in the region.  Opening in 1996 in cramped, rented premises, with a tiny staff and small student body, ETS has doubled its enrolments every year since.  Its resources are still very meagre but through the leadership of Luna and his wife Perla, ETS has pioneered a curriculum and pattern of delivery that responds to the missional priorities of the UCCP among the poor of the Philippines.  It grounds biblical and theological studies in community development, human rights and Christian leadership.  Teaching is mostly done in short term intensive blocks and regional seminars, supported by distance mode learning.  All students are serving as pastors in the diverse settings, and frequently dangerous settings that characterise the UCCP’s ministry.  Luna’s theological research has been in the area of “a Christology of solidarity”.  He is a fine scholar and educator, and an inspirational church leader.


Administrative Secretary: Gwenda Kerley




Mr Geoffrey Grinton, Business Manager 







Rev Lyn Burden, Complaints Officer







Rev Christine Bayliss Kelly, 13th Assembly Chaplain







Mr Robert Watson, 13th Assembly Chaplain







Rev Michelle Cook, President’s Chaplain







Rev Sandy Boyce, President’s Chaplain







Rev Steve Orme, President’s Chaplain