What is the 13th Assembly?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

When and where

The 13th Triennial Assembly is being held:

15-21 July 2012
Grand Chancellor Hotel


Assembly members, guests from other Australian and overseas churches, those in the Visitors Program, etc., will be accommodated in various hotels, all within walking distance of the meeting. The colleges provide single rooms and shared bathroom facilities. Bed linen and towels will be supplied.

Additional Accommodation

The Assembly will provide your accommodation in the appointed hotel for the six nights of Sunday 15 July to Saturday 21 July inclusive. Only if you can demonstrate that travel to and / or from your home requires it, or if you need to attend some of the orientation events or additional meetings, will additional accommodation be provided by the Assembly.


Travel costs are met by the Assembly on the following basis: 

  • airfares will be met up to the amount advised by the Assembly Office. If you detour coming or going from the Assembly for reasons of a holiday or personal travel of other kinds then the additional costs will be your responsibility. There will be a maximum contribution made for air travel between the capital cities – see attached.
  • if you live more than 300kms from a capital city airport, then the Assembly will meet either your air travel costs or your train or bus costs to travel to the airport. If you travel by road to a major airport or drive to the Assembly (from outside the Adelaide metropolitan area) then you will be reimbursed at the Synod rate for casual travel. Note the Assembly will not pay for parking costs.
  • interstate members who choose to travel to Adelaide by train or car will be reimbursed for the cost of the ticket or at the Synod rate per km, up to a maximum of the airfare which would have applied if they had chosen to fly.
  • members who reside in Adelaide will not receive travel assistance, apart from transport provided for all Assembly members during the Assembly.

The Assembly meets costs associated with the youthful members’ orientation workshop, but you are responsible for costs of any other associated meetings.


The hotel location on google maps.


Adelaide in July has an average temperature range from 7 to 15 degrees Celsius. Rainfall averages between 60-75mm in July. So while the weather can be pleasant you should come prepared for wet and cold weather. We suggest you bring warm clothing and an umbrella.